Teacher Placement

GACS member schools may use the first field in the form below to submit their teacher and personnel needs to be listed on our website. We will list your school's name, the position needing to be filled, and either provide the school's phone number or link to the school's website.  If you'd like to provide a short message including the name of someone to contact directly, we will list that as well.


Individuals seeking employment in a GACS member school may use the second field to be listed on the website.  If you would like to include a link to a resumé, please indicate this in your request, and we will contact you. Please tell us how much of your personal information you would like listed on the site - we will not list any personal information unless you specifically request it.  However, you will need to submit contact information to the GACS Office below so that we can put you in contact with any interested schools.