Question:   I would like to start a Christian school. Can you tell me how?
Answer:   Please call the Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS) office at (706) 549-2190 and we will be glad to discuss the issue with you.

Question:   How can my school get accredited by GACS?
Answer:   First of all, your Christian school must be a member of GACS. After membership is secured, the school may pursue accreditation with GACS. You may also order an Accreditation Manual from the Publications Page on this website for more information.

Question:   What is GAPSAC?
Answer:   Please go to the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council (GAPSAC) website for complete details.  Telephone calls should be directed to (770) 985-5840.

Question:   Is accreditation by GACS and membership in GACS the same thing?
Answer:   No. A school may be a member of GACS and not be accredited by GACS. A school cannot be accredited by GACS unless it is first a member of GACS.

Question:   How can our school participate in your athletic league (Georgia Christian Athletic Association)?
Answer:   Your school must first be a member of the Georgia Association of Christian Schools to be eligible to participate in the Georgia Christian Athletic Association (GCAA).

Question:   Are home-school organizations eligible for membership?
Answer:   At this time home-school organizations are not eligible for membership.

Question:   How long does it take to be accredited?
Answer:   A school must have been in existence for at least three years before being eligible for Full Accreditation. Once the official accrediting process begins, a school will have up to three years to complete the process in three stages (Candidate, Provisional, and Full).  A school cannot claim to be accredited until it achieves Full Accreditation status.

Question:   Does GACS offer teacher certification?
Answer:   Yes, but only to those teachers employed by member schools.

Question:   My school has closed and I cannot find it. Can you help?
Answer:   We are only able to assist if the school was a member of our Association (Georgia Association of Christian Schools).

Question:   Can a teacher earn Continuing Education Units (CEU's) through GACS?
Answer:   Only those teachers employed by GACS schools that are ALREADY certified by GACS can earn continuing education units toward re-certification.

Question:   Which schools may be eligible for National Honor Society chapters?
Answer:   Only those schools with FULL Accreditation through GAPSAC may apply for National Honor Society chapters.