Each year, we present our GACS Educators' Convention.  On odd-numbered years, we host a state convention for Georgia schools.  On the even-numbered years, we combine our convention with the North Carolina and South Carolina associations to form the Southeast Christian Educators' Convention.  Both events provide a wealth of continuing education opportunities for our teachers and administrators.  

The conventions also provide the opportunity for businesses to connect with our schools and support Christian education.  Each event hosts an exhibit hall where dozens of companies offer their goods and services for the benefit of our schools.


One Administrator shares his appreciation for the conventions with the following:

"After 30 years of successful operation, we realized that changes were taking place in education more rapidly than we were. Needing to move to a more 21st Century model we began a 3 year plan to re-tool our entire school program.

Being in the GACS has given us a broad range of relationships across the State who "In a healthy way" have given us critique, ideas, and tools for this transition. The Conventions, Conferences, and Workshops provide interaction with peers and other professionals at official and unofficial levels to challenge and help us to know we are not alone in our endeavor."