The Georgia Christian Athletic Association (GCAA) is the athletic division of the Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS). It was established in 1972 and operates under the by-laws of GACS. The purpose of GCAA, as stated in the GCAA Athletic Manual, is "to teach Christian athletics and build Christian character through Christ-centered competition and regulate such inter-scholastic relationships through and by a governing body composed of its own member schools."

Requirements for participation in GCAA consist of membership in GACS, subscription to the rules and regulations of GCAA as written in the GCAA Athletic Manual, and payment of required GCAA dues.

GCAA schools participate in a variety of sports including football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, golf, and other sports where there is sufficient demand. For competition purposes, most sports are divided into regions to minimize traveling distances to games, playoffs, and tournaments. Regional championships are determined leading to state championships through playoffs or tournaments. All trophies and awards are provided by GCAA.

GCAA is regulated by the GCAA Athletic Manual which clearly outlines procedures for any school interested in athletic  participation. Schools are divided into Class A and Class AA for all sports where this is practical or necessary. Regular GCAA meetings are held three times a year - in July, January, and April. Special meetings can be called when needed.

In a day when secular athletics has deteriorated to an emphasis on materialism and a "win at any cost" philosophy, the opportunity to enjoy athletic competition with schools which hold to Christian principles is very beneficial to our Association. This is one of the services provided to member schools by GACS.

GACS welcomes participation in GCAA from any member school. Further information on GCAA and athletic competition may be obtained from the Athletic Commissioner whose name and address are found in the current GACS Membership Directory. A copy of the GCAA Athletic Manual may be purchased by member schools from the GCAA office.