The Georgia Association of Christian Schools recognizes the need for an instrument which will assist in the assessment of the educational performance of its member schools. This GACS program as outlined and described in the Accreditation Manual (2013 edition) is viewed as one means for improving the effectiveness of a school's curricular and instructional programs.

GACS is aware that accreditation cannot guarantee academic quality in a school.  It will, however, cause a Christian school to evaluate its educational procedures and to receive counsel from experienced Christian educators. The accreditation process will also help the school identify any weaknesses in its programs and offer suggestions on how these areas can be strengthened. In this way, accreditation should assist a Christian school in improving its educational program. GACS is committed to helping member schools produce desirable results.


One GACS Administrator writes:

"The Accreditation Program is a valuable tool in keeping our school focused and up to date in every aspect of the Christian school ministry. The administration and staff of the GACS as well as the administrators and principals of the member school are outstanding and knowledgeable educators and have always been courteous and ready to assist in any way possible."


Fully accreditted GACS schools can take advantage of the cooperative between GACS and NACSAA (North American Christian School Accrediting Agency) that has relationships with AdvancedEd and Middle States accreditations.